Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What is Product Operational Data?

Innovation in the data center and in all computer-based systems is driving efficiency gains and cost savings. At the same time, innovations are creating more complex systems that are more difficult to understand and diagnose. For insight into these systems that can help you solve the problems, you can analyze the system’s operational data.


Operational data is information about how well a system is performing, how a system is configured, and how the system is being used. A system is any hardware or software that performs a complex set of functions, such as a software application or a home electronic gadget. Operational data is either logged by the system or extracted through system queries and typically contains information about the operation of the system such as configuration, alerts, performance statistics, and general status.


Operational data can help with reactive diagnostic activity, proactive and predictive problem identification, and business intelligence analysis if the operational data is designed to contain rich information and is sent to (or accumulated into) a central repository. The content and format of the operational data and the way the data is stored or transmitted should be part of a well-designed product. Unfortunately, systems are often designed with little attention paid to the operational data to be collected and how it will be logged.


Read more in this whitepaper on Best Practices in generating product operational data.



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