Friday, April 10, 2009

SaaS and BI

At Glassbeam we are at the convergence of two very hot trends – SaaS and Business Intelligence. In this economy, companies need to invest in understanding and retaining their customers. They need to figure out ways to provide greater value to their existing customers by understanding how their products are used, satisfying unstated customer needs and providing faster resolution to existing product issues.


At the same time executives cannot spend time and money on in-house complex datawarehousing technologies and analytics tools to mine the required data. Further any investment in internal IT solutions is not going to payoff for at least 18 months.


Executives need a quick ROI, pay as you go option to add new value to their customers. Hence Glassbeam, which provides a fully managed SaaS solution for analyzing customer installed base and field information using product operational data such as log, configuration and system data.



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