Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So, what is SPL?

Simply put is stands for Semiotic Parsing Language. But, more importantly it is the core of our technology.

SPL is an intuitive language that describes the structure and semantics of a class of documents. For semi-structured data, as is typical with our customers, it means we can utilize the structure inherent in the data and reflecting it in a high-performance and highly normalized data warehouse.

The SPL description of a class of documents and its semantics is passed through an interpreter to generate the database Data Definition Language (DDL) for staging, database DDL for the final warehouse, DDL and Data Markup Language(DML) for metadata to generate the UIs, and internal representations to perform a parse, a transactional or bulk load, and ETL transformations.

Please contact us if you need more technical details on our technology.

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