Sunday, July 15, 2012

Looking at the softer side of execution

Many people ask me what are some of the core values (or I call them guiding principles) for Glassbeam.   We have a list of 10 things here.  But if I were to pick top 3 that make the most impact, interestingly they all relate to the "people" side of the equation.  Here they are:
Hire the best...

We should hire only the BEST and no one else. This is very true especially as we are at a critical growth phase in our evolution. “A” players tend to hire A+ players because they care about their reputation and know that is the only way to excel and achieve higher goals. “B” players end up hiring similar caliber or “C” players, and “C” players go down the rank to build a team of “D” players because they avoid tackling tough problems. By being careful and deliberate on hiring the best and the best only, we avoid a deck of cards that does not take anyone anywhere.
Never give up...

Never give up, retool if necessary, but never ever give up. Start-­-ups are like swimming in an ocean where tides come and go. By having the courage of constantly trying and not giving up, we tend to dramatically increase our probabilities of success. Markets change, strategies change, products change, but if one is clear on the core values of why we are in this together, then each downturn is an opportunity to excel at the next upturn of events.
You cannot do everything...

It is very easy to want all and not be able to focus on one or two important things that can drive product success in the market. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves to constantly keep reminding each other on making clear choices and tough decisions. This is truer for Glassbeam since we deal with data end to end as an end user application. We have to make a conscious effort to focus only on a few things that we do the best and leave others for our customers and partners to derive value on their own.

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