Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Machine data benefits sales and service

Most people think of sysadmins and IT when they think log files. We at Glassbeam think sales operations and services! Why? Because machine data provides the truth and nothing but the truth about your customers and how they use your products. This information is extremely valuable to enterprises.

How can sales people benefit from log data?

Most systems( think storage boxes or wireless devices or medical equipment or aircraft engines) produce bundles of data - some logs have error and support related information. Some have system configuration, information on which knobs have been turned on and usage information( how long was the call and how many participants were on a call for example). Glassbeam can consume all that disparate multi-structured data and make sense of it all through its SPL(Semiotic Parsing Language).

So based on machine log information, Glassbeam can highlight which customers would run out of licenses by feature based on their past 3 months of usage, plot when they will run out and flag the account as needing follow up.

A customer may be running out of their service entitlements ( if you think your CRM system has upto date customer information think again and check your log files). Glassbeam can dashboard the customers who will be eligible for contract renewals and provide a 3 month snapshot of the customer to enable a renewal sales opportunity.

Technical sales people can quickly look at a customer's configuration before they go on a sales call. They may find that a customer has changed a configuration recently that has resulted in slowness and be prepared to address their customer concerns with actual data during their visit.

There are many more and I will showcase such examples in the following posts but Big Data from machine logs are a gold mine for businesses. Smart companies are already exploiting this to their competitive advantage.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What is the value of Big Data?

A very relevant post. This is why we focus on delivering business value rather than abstract theories like machine learning or arbitrary algorithms on big data. In many companies today, projects get started based on technology or buzz words and while these efforts are important from an R&D point of view, they are not substitutes for proper evaluation of business benefits from big data projects. C level executives need to commit to a business outcome and determine spend on big data projects based on business ROI.

Our customers are line of business executives in large companies and they understand the need to extract answers and solutions from their big data projects.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Business Impact of Machine Data Analytics in a Fortune 100 Account

I just returned from a field visit meeting key executives at one of our leading customer site.  Talk of a global account with hundreds of sales, field engineers, product specialist, support and services people scattered across all geographies around the world supporting their blue chip accounts.  And what do they use as ONE singular Big Data app to get the REAL truth from mining machine / log data from their installed base every day – nothing else but Glassbeam!  It was real encouraging to see that we are providing the most transparent and seamless information coming directly from the machines (remember, machines do not lie!) and helping these folks make the purest form of data driven decisions around support troubleshooting, product usage analysis, account up-sell information etc, etc.   Sky's the limit when it comes to finding end use cases for such information, of course the pre-cursor of which is to rightly parse and store the information in a structure that is amenable for deeper analytics on this class of machine data.

One of the examples that was highlighted in this mtg was when a customer experienced severe performance issues with their storage box.  Instead of running around in circles and trying to find what changed on the system configuration, which incidentally is one of the largest causes of support headaches, a product field engineer used Glassbeam application to see latest configuration of the entire system and could drill down and compare its latest RAID Adapter card configurations to last known values in one singular view.  All this took a few minutes and led directly to a conclusion on what may have gone wrong at this customer site.  Such quick analysis when assimilated across hundreds of cases per month, I am sure, provides tremendous competitive advantage, not to mention potential cost savings through more efficient support operations with Glassbeam.  In addition to all this, Glassbeam lets such customers avoid further damage to their installed base by running a quick report on similar faulty configurations at other end user sites (and taking proactive action there as well).

All in all, I would say it was a great experience sitting with our customers and learning about the value they are able to garner from Glassbeam Big Data Apps in their daily operations.