Friday, March 1, 2013

Glassbeam @ Strata

We had a great launch at Strata. Many people stopped by and had wonderful things to say about our new product - Glassbeam Search a unified search and log management solution. We got several good pieces of advice and feedback as well and many thanks to all of you.

As we continue building this out we find most companies needing the following

  1. Structured and unstructured analysis - meaning search *and* BI on their data.
  2. Uses beyond operational search - Some companies use traditional log management solutions today or have built their own but when they saw all of Glassbeam's capabilities their eyes open wide with possible applications of the product through out the enterprise and not just IT logs. 
  3. An ETL/ELT based approach to extracting value from unstructured data in many cases( as opposed to index and then deal with it). 
  4. Business focused solutions in addition to syadmin/IT focused solutions. For example how can we create dashboards that show my product managers everything about my installed base, versions. 
  5. Monetizing data- Several companies were interested in Glassbeam's approach to helping monetize data by building self service dashboards on customer's capacity and performance, site level views etc. 
We are excited to be working on some compelling use cases around complex data and analysis with some big name brands and most recently a large $10 billion global healthcare company. So stay tuned for more. 

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