Thursday, April 25, 2013

Maximizing the value of machine data

There are many ways to analyze machine logs and machine data. Most companies start out with simple manual/semi-automated ways to understand logs. The least sophisticated way is for individual users who are responsible for support or system administration to use standard windows or Unix tools to search for strings, find interesting sections withing logs etc. Tools and applications that enable sophisticated search on logs have empowered sysadmins and dramatically increased their productivity.

But machine data contains a lot of strategic value - not just "searchable" events. Simple tools and search based tools and applications are extremely useful for fast troubleshooting needs but when an enterprise is looking to strategically analyze machine log data a multi-dimensional application that can not only search but structure the data for deeper analytics is imperative.

With Glassbeam, companies can realize immediate value for a specific user or a department using Glassbeam search. At the same time, companies can realize higher strategic value by using Glassbeam's tools and applications to parse and model unstructured data for deeper analytics.The initial setup time compared to generic log tools is higher but the longer term value through Glassbeam far out weighs the costs.

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